[Trans] Boyfriend W Academy Ep. 5: Jeongmin’s the Thief – Donghyun: I didn’t give you these.

Jeongmin: And vitamins!

Hyunseong: The cap is off.

Donghyun: Where did all the pills inside go?

Jeongmin (looking in the bag): It’s spilled in here.

Donghyun: This is really expensive! Don’t I always eat this everyday~

Jeongmin spills some of the pills trying to put it back~

Donghyun: I had to find 96000 won to buy this medicine!

Jeongmin: 96000 won? Isn’t that too expensive?

Donghyun: What have you done?

Youngmin: This must have waste 10000 won at least

Donghyun: Please turn off the camera

Jeongmin: No please keep the camera running! You can’t turn the camera off!

PD-Noona: Does Jeongmin steal a lot of Donghyun’s stuff?

Jeongmin: How could you say that?

Donghyun: I watched last week’s broadcast

Replay of the photo mission where Jeongmin takes some of Donghyun’s money

Donghyun: How much did you take?

PD-Noona: It was 5500 won

Donghyun: 5500 won is it? 5500 is a lot of money

Jeongmin: That’s supposed to be a secret~ I’d never take things that aren’t mine *runs away*

Donghyun: How could these things be yours! This too is my vitamin right?

Jeongmin: Just now I packed it in for you

Donghyun: These glasses are also mine

Jeongmin: Aigoo…It’s mine hyung

Donghyun: I didn’t give you these

Credit : BFWacademy101@youtube.com for translation
Source : BoyFriend (Starship Boys) [Facebook Fan Page]


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