‎[Interview] Singapore’s Teens Magazine.

Q: Is there a particular trait that would make you attracted to a girl? 

Donghyun: A girl who looks cold outside, but has a warm heart and a sense of humor.

Hyunseong: A charming girl whom I can feel comfortable with.

Jeongmin: A cute girl who looks pretty when smiling with her eyes

Youngmin: A girl with a clear eyes and aegyo!

Kwangmin: Aegyo! my ideal type is a cute girl

Minwoo: A feminine and a cute girl

Q: Kwangmin and Youngmin as twins, do you share a special kind of telepathy? 

Youngmin: Im not sure about that. However there are occassions where if one falls sick, the other fall sicks as well, or both make the same mistakes on choreography. And sometimes, its amazing that we feel happy at the same time.

Kwangmin: I think the fact that we are twins has an influence on our mood. When one feels down, the other one would usually feel the same.

Q: How did the group’s name “Boyfriend” come about?

Jeongmin: The name “Boyfriend” expresses our desire to be everyone’s boyfriend, to be always there for those who love us.

Youngmin: Our company created the name for us in hopes that we grow as an idol group who is well-loved by many people

Minwoo: The word “Boyfriend” represents familiarity and we will also be able to show a diverse charm of one. We hope to approach our fans with such diversified appeals and familiarity

Credit : @CLlikethis
: DonghyunWorld’s CL.


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