[110711] Youngmin Message on FanCafe

[From. YoungMin♡] Would you go out with Youngmin??

Hello this is Youngmin~~
Today, it is flooding with rain
Be careful of the rainy season that starts to clear up
Despite the bad weather lately, we
The pre-recording, thank you so much for coming to see the broadcast
The cheers were really loud, our fans are jjang~~~
Us members each have our own work [to do]
Should I tell??
Well~~ Minwoo and Kwangminnie have rap practice
Donghyunnie hyung with Hyuseongie hyung [go] exercise
Jeongminnie hyung is signing
I…. only moved my fingers (pressing the keyboard)
Today is the day a lot of rain came(Stay away from my hair)
Until then bye~~

I have a last question
Rate my charisma?? Example)00/100
Reply afterwards

Source: icontoamy.wordpress.com | imzee
Shared by: weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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